• Personal Injury
  • Automotive Injury
  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Sports Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Personal Injury

  • Automotive Injury

  • Back & Neck Pain

  • Sports Injury

  • Workers Compensation

Providing Balance and Superior Health Through Chiropractic

Dynamic Chiropractic aims to educate our patients about Memphis chiropractor solutions and other natural treatments for common health problems. By doing so, we hope to motivate you to take a more responsible and active role in restoring and maintaining your own health along with people around you.

We offer comprehensive Memphis Chiropractic care using the latest and most advanced techniques to insure long-term results for our patients. Don’t take our word for it, read our patient testimonials. We work hard to maintain our status as the best chiropractor Memphis TN.


Dynamic Chiropractic has helped hundreds of patients find a natural solution to their pain/health problems and change their lives for the better. It is our mission to help as many Memphis, Tennessee residents eliminate pain and find a new state of health as possible!

Meet Our Staff

  • Dr. Alan Mori

    Dr. Alan Mori

    Hello my name is Dr. Alan R Mori. I became interested in chiropractic and alternative medicine due to a knee injury over 20 yrs. ago.

  • Dr. Richard Amodeo

    Dr. Richard Amodeo

    Hello my name is Dr. Richard Amodeo. I have been practicing in Memphis for over 20 plus years. The name of my clinic is Dynamic Chiropractic.

  • Tina Ross

    Tina Ross

    Hello my name is Tina Ross. I am a licensed chiropractic therapy assistant.

What our patients say

  • "Every Wednesday night I would go to my aerobics class with a friend . I really believe it is worth it however one night I hurt my back because I turned my ankle and fell. My ankle stayed swollen for some time but my low back seemed to hurt more and more. I went to see Dr. Amodeo after talking with a friend of mine. Dr. Amodeo said that my left hip was misaligned and that was probably the reason I fell to begin with. After a couple of weeks my pain started going away and now it does not hurt at all. I am really happy I went."

    Debbie Freland,

  • "Last year I was playing short stop for my softball team and I went back to catch a fly ball but I collided with another player. My right shoulder and neck started hurting immediately. I decided I wanted to see a chiropractor and I had heard of Dr. Amodeo so called and made an appointment. He examined and x-rayed my neck and shoulder. He was able to give me immediate relief and I did not even miss a single game. Thank you Dr. Amodeo."

    Blake Ralston,

  • "I was cleaning my garage out and was moving some lawn equipment and felt a sharp pain in my lower back and later that day my right leg started to burn all the way down to the calf. My neighbor saw me bent over and struggling while trying to walk and gave me one of Dr. Amodeo’s cards. I was nervous about going to a chiropractor but Dr. Amodeo put me at ease and explained why my leg and back hurt so bad. I was afraid I had ruptured my disc but Dr. Amodeo helped relieve the pain and my leg pain stopped completely. I can now bend and lift without any pain at all."

    Thomas Drake,

  • "While driving to work early one morning I was struck by a car from behind and shortly after that I started experiencing neck pain and headaches. I went to my medical doctor and I was told I had some pulled muscles and was given some muscle relaxers. The pain and headaches did not go away. A friend suggested I see Dr. Amodeo. I went and saw him and the headaches and neck pain gradually went away. I was thrilled to say the least and now feel like myself again. I never realized chiropractic treatments would help but now I tell everyone and I am happy I went."

    Lance Beasley,

  • "Over the years I developed pain in my arms and my right wrist . A friend told me that I might have carpal tunnel syndrome. I have a home business and I am on my computer most of the day. I went to my doctor and he told me my best option was to have surgery on my right wrist but I had a business to run. I went to Dr. Amodeo a few weeks later and he was able to help with my wrist pain and arm pain. I am happy I found him and told my friends how much he helped."

    Shelia Woods,